The clever house from "Tria Komm"

The "TRIA" company was set up in 1993 by the group of specialists who amassed the largest experience in the establishment and maintenance of various civil and military engineering systems.

At present the TRIA KOMM company offers its Clients (Partners) the comprehensive approach to establish the following engineering systems:

  • Power supply (lighting, stabilized and emergency power supply)

  • Automated management of electromechanical doors, gates, rolling shutters, sheds, cornices, blinds and jalousie

  • Boiler-houses and heaters working on various kinds of fuel

  • Warm floor heating, forced-air and radiator heating with copper, polyethylene, metal-plastic, stainless and steel pipes

  • Heating of drainpipes, gutters, drainage, pipelines, stare-cases and landings

  • Cold and hot water supply

  • Sewage and drainage

  • Water preparation and water purification

  • Centralized cleaning of premises (central vacuum cleaner)

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning, both with separate and combined architecture

  • Computer and telephone networks (hybrid, digital and microcellular DECT radio communication)

  • Anti-fire wire and radio signaling

  • Analog and digital video surveillance

  • Access-control and protection around the periphery

  • Reception of on-air and satellite television programs

  • Home audio/video equipment (Home cinema, MultiRoom music broadcasting and dance pavilions)

  • Intellectual housing (economy, comfort and cosiness).

The complexity lies in the efficient organization of the whole industrial process of establishment of engineering systems, that includes the following phases:

  • The conduct of expertises necessary to establish engineering systems on sites;

  • The preparation and co-ordination of the Technical assignment for engineering systems with the Client;

  • The design of engineering systems and co-ordination of design solutions with the state supervisory authorities, builders, architectures and designers;

  • The preparation and co-ordination of plans to finance and install engineering systems;

  • The supply of equipment and materials of engineering systems;

  • The installation and commissioning of engineering systems;

  • After-sales service of operating engineering systems;

  • The training of the Clients personnel to observe operating rules of the installed equipment.

The priority directions in the activity of the TRIA KOMM Company is to guarantee reliability, economy and autonomy of the operation of the equipment of engineering systems we offer.

The average age of the employees of our Company is 37 years, 78 percent of them have higher technical education. They constantly master products of leading domestic and foreign producers, and we offer our clients the equipment of exclusively high quality.

Among our clients we have industrial and civil enterprises, legislative and state bodies, trading and entertainment centres (theatres, discos, restaurants, bowling clubs and bars), cottages and apartments.

We also have the opportunity to show You the quality of our works at operating objects and those under construction and to provide the responses of our Clients and Partners.


Respectfully yours, Managing director of "TRIA COMM" LLC

Chubenko Yu. I.

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